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Teaching and Learning 

Understanding by Design

An Approach to Curriculum Planning

"The Understanding by Design (UbD) framework offers a planning process and structure to guide curriculum, assessment and instruction.  Its two key ideas are contained in the title:  1) focus on teaching and assessing for understanding and learning transfer, and 2) design curriculum "backward" from those ends."



 Link to UbD in a Nutshell

 Understanding by Design Template

 Resource materials for Creating High-Quallity UbD Units

Pacing guides should preceed unit design.  They indicate the quarter or trimester in which   standards will be addressed.  The grouping indicates the units in which they will be found; however the number of units is a suggestion, not a requirement.  Standards should be entered into the pacing guides by code whenever possible.  There should be one guide for each grade level subject area or course.

Quarter Pacing Guide

Trimester Pacing Guide


Model UbD Units from the DESE

Massachusetts created the


The Nantucket Schools Implement a Standards-Based Curriculum


Link to Massachusetts Curriculum Frameworks, including the Massachusetts Common Core Standards:



New Standards for English Language Development and Science:


WIDA grade PreK - 5 2007 Standards


WIDA grade 6-12 2007 Standards


WIDA - English Language Development Standards - 2012 Amplification


Draft - Next Generation Science Standards 


The Partnership for Assessment of Readiness for College and Career (PARCC):


PARCC model framework for math


PARCC model framework for ELA/literacy


Common Core Resources - can be found at http://educore.ascd.org


District Curriculum Accommodation Plan, 2012-2013