NPS Technology Department

Our Role at NPS
The NPS Technology Department provides district-wide support for technology infrastructure, servers, computers, software applications and administrative databases. This department is also responsible for the SIMS/EPIMS/SCS data collection and reporting process for the DESE which forms the backbone of all of our student, teacher and staff data collection and analysis. Technology professional development for adminstrative and teaching staff is also coordinated through the technology department.

By building a strong foundation of physical infrastructure, security, access to computing devices and professional development we provide the tools that allow our teachers to fulfill the vision of the NPS technology plan.

Karen G. McGonigle, Director of Technology


Technology Department Helpdesk  Use this link to send a support request to the technology department for hardware and software support.

Printer Support Helpdesk Use this link to send a request for printer support.

Getting Started with NPS Technology Tools

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