Department of Special Services

The Department of Special Services meets the diverse needs of students by providing support in their academic, social and emotional endeavors, through a variety of accommodations, modifications and specialized staffing.




Nancy M. Miller, M.Ed., CAGS

Director of Special Services & Civil Rights Coordinator


Becky Earle - Administrative Assistant


Contact Information

Office:  Nantucket High School

  10 Surfside Road 

Nantucket,  MA 02554


Office Hours:  Monday - Friday,  8:00 am - 4:00 pm


Phone:  508.228.7285  ext. 1355

Fax:  508.325.5318



Special Services Staff


Nantucket Elementary School

School Psychologist - Jen Laredo

Guidance Counselors - Jeanne Clark, Lisa Hood

Social Worker - David Seigel


Special Needs Preschool - Jody Newman, Kim Albertson

Special Needs Grades K, 1 - Kathy Adams

Special Needs, Grade 2 - Laura Ubaldino, Team Leader

Special Needs, Grade 3 - Michelle Brannigan

Special Needs Grade 4 - Sarah Gault

Special Needs Grade 5 - Ann Maury

Intensive Developmental Support Center (IDSC), Grades K - 2 - Katy Perales

Intensive Developmental Support Center (IDSC), Grades 3 -5 - Mollie Lampert

Options - Seth Kearns


Cyrus Pierce Middle School

School Psychologist - Sarah Holton-Roth

Guidance Counselors - Jaclyn Normand, Dauna Coffin

Social Worker - Julie Kingston


 Special Needs, Grade 6 - Theran Singleton

Special Needs, Grade 7 - Barbara Condon

Special Needs, Grade 8 - Alyssa Billings

Language Based Learning Disabilities Program (LBLD) - Marita Scarlett

STEPS - Suzanne Fronzutto

Intensive Developmental Support Center (IDCS) - Cara Seal

Reading Specialist - Beth Connors


Nantucket High School

School Psychologist - Sarah Holton-Roth

Guidance Counselors - Cathy Lepore, Courtney Foster, Jenn Psaradellis

Social Worker - Julie Kingston


Special Needs Teachers, Grade 9 - 12:

Stephanie Johnson

Monique Malloy, Team Leader

Karyn Manghis

Jessica Townsend

STEPS - Nicole Gross

Student Success Program - Andrew Viselli


Related Services Providers - District Wide

Speech/Language Therapists - Linnea Weaver, Ann Poyant, Heather Freeman

Occupational Therapists - Renee Gamboroni, Karenlynn Williams, Michele Dyer

Physical Therapists - Angela Wagner

Vision Therapist - Kathryn Traut

Deaf/Hard of Hearing Therapist - Kym Myers

Board Certified Behavior Analyst (BCBA) - Karen Pinneau

Home Consultant - Mollie Lamper

Language Based Learning Disabilities Consultant - Ann Larson



Frequently Asked Questions

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District Documents

Student Support Handbook - August 2010