The Nantucket Scholar


The Nantucket Scholar is a student who has established a pattern of academic and personal success at Nantucket High School.  Personal attributes reflect a strength of character which includes honesty, integrity, morality, and responsibility. The Nantucket Scholar demonstrates outstanding citizenship evidenced by a cooperative attitude, spirit of adventure and enthusiastic effort.  The student is a positive influence on school peers and is involved in varied extracurricular activities.


The Nantucket Scholar is indeed an elite student who meets and maintains rigid academic standards and strives for personal challenge.  The Nantucket Scholar takes pride in all accomplishments and works diligently toward the goal of attaining a superior education.


This outstanding student is eminently qualified to pursue scholarly work at institutions of higher learning.  The Nantucket Scholar also is an individual who can communicate and demonstrate a process for giving back to Nantucket and the world community and inspire and motivate others to do the same.