Nantucket High School 
Countdown Timetable to College

Freshman Year

* Create a high school curriculum to satisfy post-secondary education goals.

  • Set high standards for achievement, as high school grades carry the most      weight for college admissions.
  • Master good study habits.
  • Meet with your guidance counselor to discuss personal goals.
  • Get involved in meaningful activities.
  • Register for Naviance. 
  • Pass science MCAS.


Sophomore Year


* Register and take PSAT tests.

* Investigate careers and occupations. 

  • What looks interesting to you?
  • Learn more about your strengths and weaknesses.



* Register and take SAT Subject Tests, if appropriate. (Check with your school counselor.)

* Update plans for high school courses and activities.

  • Discuss your educational plans with your guidance counselor.

* Pass MCAS tests!


Junior Year


* Register and take PSAT tests.

* Begin gathering information on colleges, trade and/or technical schools via counselors, Internet, etc.

* Meet with college representatives in NHS guidance office.

* Prepare to take the SAT Reasoning/ACT tests; take an SAT/ACT   preparatory course.

* Attend college fairs/information nights.

* Start learning about school costs and research sources of financial aid.



* Meet with a your guidance counselor to discuss preliminary school choices.

* Begin campus visits while classes are in session.

* Register and take the SAT Reasoning/SAT Subject/ACT tests.

* Take AP exams, if appropriate.


Senior Year


* Continue school visits.

* Seek out students on Island who attend colleges in which you are interested.

* Review application/admission requirements for each college on their websites.



* Attend Open Houses/interview at specific colleges.

* Attend college fair to gather "last minute" information on colleges.

* Ask teachers/counselors for recommendations.

* Register and retake the SAT Reasoning/ACT test, if desired.

* Register and take the SAT Subject Tests, if appropriate. (Check specific college websites.)

* Narrow down your choices to approximately five-nine schools.

* Draft your college essay(s).

* Request transcripts from guidance through Naviance.

* Apply to schools by their deadlines.

* Have test scores sent to schools where applications are submitted.

* Fill out CSS/Financial Aid Profile or institutional aid applications, if appropriate.

* Attend financial Aid Planning Night with parents.

* Move calendar forward if applying for early decision/early action.



* File FAFSA as soon after January 1 as possible.  Gather/send additional financial information, as required.



* Apply for scholarships.

* Take AP exams, if appropriate.

* Notify your counselor as to what school you have chosen through Naviance.

* Take the graduation survey in Naviance.